These are some of the companies and organizations that make use of our products.

Akademiska hus, Stockholm
Hubit and Greyhound is being used within several projects connecting schools and university to the internet with our built-in webserver.
Slotsholmen Teknik Denmark
ASP-solution. Both Exomatic-outstations and LonWorks-applications.
Smörkontrollen, Malmö
One of Sweden's largest EIB-systems control of lighting, securityalarms, etc.
Luftfartsverket Sturup
Supervision of alarms from various outstations.
ASP-solution. Bravida is one of the many customers using Greyhound-technology for control of their customers' housing estates and properties.
ASP-solution. One of Malmö's largest property-owners that has been using Greyhound since 1998. One of the first sites in the world using Greyhound-technology.
Bo01 and reading of energymeters.
LB Hus
Energymonitoring of intelligent houses together with Lund Institute of Technology.
Monitoring of discharge from printingpresses.
Lund Institute of Technology, LB-hus
Birka energi
Lockarps bageri
LonWorks-system for control of production within Lockarp's productionlines.
Kemp & Lauritzen Denmark
ISS Danmark
Supervision of ISS-building in Denmark.
HSB malmö

Rexam Fosie